Dan Shier Ge Encounter Spring City - Kunming snail Bay

Shenzhen famous ladies' brand " Dan Shigeer " 2013 spring and summer new product exhibition was held on December 25, 2012 in Kunming Spiral Bay, Kunming Spirulina International Trade City in recent years has developed into the most bustling branded apparel trading center in Shenzhen, Shenzhen City Dan Shigel Garment Co., Ltd. to bring Yunnan agent in December 2012 strong stationed in Trade City two ten districts and three streets, as Danchell Southwest another flagship window.



Danish Geer adheres to the design style of combining freedom, simplicity, fashion and modern art. Since it landed in China in 2001, it has been adhering to the design concept of cosmopolitan style women's clothing tastes of 20-38 years old. With its fashion art Design language, exquisite details, crafted quality, choice of materials, exquisite cut, fine workmanship, European style of art, into the delicate details of South Korea and Japan, conquered a large number of urban fashion women.

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