Disney fashion brand women released the spring and summer 2013 new album

Disney fashion brand women released the spring and summer 2013 new album! In the spring and summer of 2013, Diskin Kay uses achromatic (black, white, gray), earth color (apricot, camel, khaki) as the main color; abstract natural patterns are auxiliary; pumpkin orange and coral blue are embellished; Alternative lazy fashion, romantic aesthetic handsome, elegant artistic personality, ethnic / modern modern!


"Distin Kidny" brand positioning is to lead the fashion trend and fully demonstrate the concept of urban women's entertainment, business and leisure fashion ideas, clothing as a carrier to spread the concept of dress and lifestyle, beyond the culture, across the region Fashion. The company adheres to the principle of "Distin Kidny" and endeavors to create outstanding brand quality, so that those wearing "Distin Kidny" costumes will all demonstrate their outstanding style and fashion Elegant temperament.


Distin Kidny has a complete line of apparel. The company's three product lines: art, personality, fashion series, leisure and romantic life series and intellectual, elegant metropolitan series to meet the needs of various types of customers in different markets. Products include: T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, vests, jackets, windbreaker, dresses, half skirts, pants, coats, jackets, fur ... and so on. At the same time developed a variety of accessories, including a variety of products to meet the diverse tastes of women's dress needs. The company real-time computerized production and sales management, which greatly improved the brand management capabilities and operational level.

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