Yi Er brand women and you meet 2012CHIC share Korean fa…

Yi Er Clothing Co., Ltd. is a fashion design, production and sales as one, under the brand Yi Er, handsome Choi Court. After more than ten years of practice and development, now more than 30 marketing points have been set up throughout the country and overseas. Yi Er as an upgrade brand, to create[…]

"Very Story" Welcome to join you!

one. Company Profile Hangzhou Houmei Garment Co., Ltd. is a vibrant, passionate apparel company, understanding and market grasp of innovative spirit. For fashion awareness and grasp of the brand is even more unique insights. With advanced business philosophy, far-reaching space for development. […]

Can Olympic theme collections warm up again?

After the London Olympics gold and silver coins were listed in June of last year, sales became popular and became one of the most popular collections in the coin market. According to industry insiders, the 2008 Beijing Olympics set off a national participation in the gift collection market[…]

China Women's Brand Powerful Way

Editor's note: Chinese women's clothing has achieved significant improvement in the past 10 years. Although it is not easy to go to the international road, it is believed that in 10, 15 and 20 years... Through the continuous self-improvement of Chinese women's clothing brands, […]

Good wave underwear to create ordinary people's &qu…

Fourteen years to create a good wave underwear Square, is the earliest founded, the largest underwear franchise chain. Good wave products covering bras, knitwear, home, warm, functional underwear, etc., with high competitiveness and cost-effective. Has successfully opened hundreds of good wave und[…]

New Siya underwear preferred modern urban women's u…

Shenzhen New Siya underwear limited company is a design, production, marketing as one of the well-known brand underwear company. Founded in 1995, pre- production mainly processing , launched in 1999 with independent intellectual property underwear brand " xinsya · New Siya ", thus tur[…]

Romantic spring new underwear so that Valentine's D…

In this spring blossoming days, happiness and sweet Valentine's Day is also not far from calling, and the romantic spring brand also launched the 2012 new underwear . In this season full of sweet and happy, and romantic spring closely, to feel the charm of the brand underwear fashion! Silve[…]