Stylish jacket with short length and height ratio

On December 24, this website , short jacket is a very popular element this winter, wear it can maximize the proportion of the body. It gives the impression that the style is handsome hard, or a little sporty feeling. However, this year's collocation method will increase the feeling of feminini[…]

Yi Lai Yi down high-end line interpretation of fashion

Such as Shanghai Ai Lai Yi Garments Co., Ltd. General Manager Kim Adams said: Islay brand success requires brand strength, product strength, sales force highly condensed combination. Unique personality achievements Ai Laiyi brand strength, design innovation achievements Ai Laiyi product power, then[…]

The difference between seawater pearls and freshwater p…

The culture techniques of freshwater pearls and seawater pearls (for example, in the case of Nanzhu) are different, so the structure is also different. Freshwater pearls are non-nuclear, and all ingredients are composed of pearls. Therefore, if pearl powder is made from fr[…]

How to wear warm winter snowy cold it

Winter if it is not snow or winter? The only hope of winter is the snow day, although the United States snow day, but still very cold, warm work must be done, how to wear a snow day to warm it? Snowy days how cold, snow every day do not know how to wear, Bunny-Mark children's wear to teach you […]

Cute MIX Cool Charm Creates a Lovely Chic Style

On December 16th this site , both the feminine beauty and the cool coexistence, although there is no definition of the subtle charm of the words, but we can call it "lovely chic". There are many ways to express a lovely chic dress. Casual style, neutral style, able style, etc., combined […]

The hidden wealth in China's underwear franchise in…

Every unwilling person has a desire for wealth. Maybe you have enough ability. You just haven't encountered a good opportunity. If you have a good chance now before you, can you grasp it well? Live it? Over the past decade, China's underwear industry has been in a period of rapid developmen[…]

Which shop to buy women's clothing is good? Teach y…

If we go to the mall to see the first shop, and then see the clothing, so shop decoration is very important, there must be an attractive shop to usher in more traffic, Xiao Bian today to teach you to see the shop and then choose clothing Style, this will make your choice of choice more stylish. […]