Exhibition to make clothing more vivid - a stylish men&…

Clothing display is a comprehensive art, but also one of the most effective terminal marketing promotions. Outstanding store display can not only better display products, eye-catching, but also to further enhance the brand image and promote the terminal sales. Men's fashion brand - a character […]

indu homme fashionable men to teach you to play autumn …

Fashionable men with, get rid of autumn and winter bloated image, show the coolest you! So, how to create a male image? Next, Xiaobian recommend Hong Kong's cutting-edge fashion designer brand - indu homme famous for its magic tailoring and style design elements, let us follow the indu homme fa[…]

Poetic Ladies: The first in China to put forward the co…

Xiamen Poetry Love Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a collection of design, development, production, sales, service as one of the casual fashion women's apparel companies. The company has advanced clothing equipment and a modern flow line; it has a variety of professionals and focus o[…]

Formation of opal

How is the opal formed? Let's let Xiaobian introduce the formation of the opal for everyone! Strictly speaking, "cat's eye" is not the name of a gem, but an optical phenomenon on certain gemstones. That is, when a gemstone that has been ground into a hem[…]

Platinum, Platinum, White K Gold, can you get it?

Platinum, Platinum, White K Gold, can you tell? A few days ago, the Jiangsu Consumers Association’s website published a consumer warning to remind consumers that white gold and platinum are different in terms of composition and price. Consumers should pay attention […]

Home textile fabric material has a different maintenanc…

The frequency of bedding cleaning can be based on individual hygiene practices. Experts suggest that the usual use and maintenance will take a little thought. It is not easy to fade when cleaning in the future. 1. Cotton fabrics can not use detergents containing bleaching ingredients. As long […]

Royal sister spike kill sister control

What is the Royal Sister, intended to respect the eldest sister, extended to the appearance, body and personality of young women mature, with some personality of high age girls or young women. Relative to the Lolita control, is too controlled, the preferred Royal sister are often referred to as &q[…]