Create Winter CGREC contour coat IN models must-have models

CGREC good Liz fashion women's insistence on the unique beauty of avant-garde artistic expression, but without losing the lone exception mainstream, through the pursuit of a strong color sensory stimulation, the pursuit of sexy experience, the wearer body governed by their own will, CGREC from the source to find the vitality of fashion, the delicate puppet-like lovely women from the shackles of clothing completely freed and re-gave them the original agility and vitality. In the cold winter, Jialisi fashion silhouette coat simple atmosphere, not only is your warm and warm Saint goods is the essential style to create a stylish temperament!


Simple and smooth cut to create a tough and handsome outline, stand collar fashion design generous, low-key and elegant temperament so that you become particularly outstanding in the autumn and winter.

打造冬季至IN造型 CGREC廓形大衣必备款

Stiff khaki coat in the simplicity of the atmosphere and modern atmosphere, more elegant and elegant fur collar, with leopard skirts, full range of stars Van children.

打造冬季至IN造型 CGREC廓形大衣必备款

Red in the fall and winter are bright and eye-catching colors, A-type cut to create the perfect skin was thin, MIX fashion printing leggings, non-gas field none other than none other.

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