CARTY elegant femininity to find the feeling of heart

CARTY brand unique style ---- elegance woman, simple and practical, comfortable and natural, not only for the modern women wear leisure time, but also to meet their business activities, fashion gathering needs. Elegant femininity yet charming, stylish but unobtrusive, concise but thought-provoking, so that every one living in the city, love yourself, love the family, love life, where women can find the feeling of heart and long-lost passion.

CARTY优雅女人味 找到心动的感觉

Dark green trench coat chic and alternative, unbeaten double-breasted, double-laced fashion lapel, waist version, showing the soft and elegant girls, can shrink the cuff to withstand the cold.

CARTY优雅女人味 找到心动的感觉

No collar small suit has been popular since the summer to winter, smooth version, exquisite style, with a dress, the winter can be so lightweight and stylish.

CARTY优雅女人味 找到心动的感觉

Volume curly coat highlights a strong sense of presence, sweet little lace adorned the body, exquisite compact bow zipper exudes a lady style.

Wearing a Carty (garment) after work clothes without having to change their clothes can participate in a friend's party. The combination of occupation and leisure is the choice of more beauty-conscious women, taking reasonable prices, maintaining friendly, simpler practices.

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