Thousands of women in autumn and winter 2012 Chic take care of machine fluorescent color so that the winter shine

Thousands of women's brand with a rich elegant fashion style, uphold the enthusiasm, and create, free landing in mainland China market. Ladies weariness, fashion, rigid and flexible style, publicity independent, create, sensual, appreciation, self-confidence and self-pursuit of the new style of fashion brand spirit. 2012 autumn and winter, thousands of women a high degree of design attention to detail the performance of the performance, both highly popular trend and reveal a unique low-key gorgeous, handsome, full of personality temperament both career and life.

千细女装2012秋冬Chic搭 小心机荧光色让冬季闪耀

Hedo sweater this year is very hot, layered with a small velvet flower skirt, wear out of three-dimensional, pink bottoming socks add a touch of winter dull colors.

千细女装2012秋冬Chic搭 小心机荧光色让冬季闪耀

Black and white classic clothing with big style, holding an orange envelope handbag is also the overall Look presents a coordinated non-monotonic picture.

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