Beautiful Valentine's Day, elegant Evelypho

Beautiful Valentine's Day, elegant Eveley! Hangzhou women's brand EIFINI (Evelyn) hand in hand with Liu Shi poetry, Valentine's Day love feast, to create step by step surprise, always delicate, Eveberry official flagship store full orders 588, you can receive the Swarovski Elements True Love Series Admiration Your crystal necklace! Romantic Valentine's Day, Evely truly accompanied!


Evelyn EIFINI was born in 2001, the brand name comes from the English ElegantI (elegant me), FaithI (confident me), NaturalI (natural I) these three words in English shorthand. For a long time, with the French fashion designers and internationally renowned design company work closely with self-confident, elegant style interpretation of simple, natural Chinese ladylike fashion. Adhere to the design should be given enough space with clothing to meet the modern urban women pay attention to independent personality, the pursuit of quality of life, concerned about the fresh and stylish things, the performance of simple and stylish fashion lifestyle.

Everest EIFINI belongs to Hangzhou Jinou Fashion Co., Ltd., is committed to building China's first-line brand of ladies. Is a design, production, production and sales integration of the company, well-managed, the strength. Now has its main brand EIFINI (Eveley) and the young series SEIFINI (Shirvan) two women's brands and specifically for individuals to create high-level custom dress series.

Because of starred in> and popular soaring Liu Shi poetry recently in seven digits endorsement Hangzhou EIFINI (Evely). Liu Shi poetry in Evelyn EIFINI2012 spring and summer series of first quarter ad blockbuster interpretation of the French elegance ladies Fan, gestures full charming style.
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Evely EIFINI2012 spring and summer series first quarter ad blockbuster

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