How to maintain geothermal bamboo flooring

In today's advocating nature and "green decoration", bamboo flooring is gradually gaining favor from consumers with its excellent intrinsic quality and pleasing appearance. Bamboo flooring has good aesthetics, straight texture, elegant color, smooth and smooth, high hardness and delicate texture, which can add a lot of cultural atmosphere to the living room. What's more, bamboo flooring is very suitable for geothermal heating. Because bamboo flooring has high hardness, high density and good texture, its thermal conductivity, thermal stability, environmental performance and deformation resistance are better than other wooden flooring. . The narrower the bamboo geothermal floor, the smaller the internal stress and the more stable it is. But how to extend the service life of bamboo flooring, the usual maintenance is more important.

How to maintain geothermal bamboo flooring

When using geothermal bamboo flooring, consumers must pay attention to the stepwise heating of the bamboo floor. When installing, the surface temperature should be kept at around 18 °C. Before installation, the cement floor should be gradually heated up, increasing by 5 °C every day until it reaches the standard of about 18 °C.

After the installation, it is very important to protect the bamboo floor to the greatest extent. How to use the floor heating reasonably, we should pay attention to the following points when using it normally:

When using for the first time, the heating should be carried out step by step. For the first time, geothermal heating should be used. When used for the first time, the first three days of heating should be gradually warmed up - the first day water temperature 18 ° C, the next day 25 ° C, the third day 30 ° C, the fourth day can rise to normal temperature, that is, water temperature 45 ° C, surface temperature 28 to 30 ° C. Can not heat up too fast, too fast, the floor may be cracked and twisted due to expansion.

The surface temperature should not be too high. Geothermal heating should be used. The surface temperature should not exceed 28 °C, and the water pipe temperature should not exceed 45 °C. If this temperature is exceeded, the service life and service life of the floor will be affected. In general, the room temperature in the home reaches about 22 °C in winter, and it is already very comfortable. If the temperature rises normally, it will not affect the use of the geothermal bamboo floor. Turn off the geothermal system, pay attention to the gradual cooling.

When the indoor heating system is no longer needed in the room, there is a process to turn off the geothermal system. The cooling process of the floor should be gradual and not dip. If the cooling rate is too fast, it will affect the service life of the floor. In short, the truth, thermal expansion and contraction, natural materials follow this principle.

When the room is too dry, you can consider the humidification of the winter climate, plus the use of geothermal heating, the floor is in a state of high temperature for a long time, easy to dry, then it is necessary to humidify the room to avoid dry deformation of the floor.

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