ELLe Women's 2014 Summer New Stripe Precedence: ELLE's BLACK & WHITE

ELLe Women's 2014 summer new listing, stripe in power, come and follow Xiaobian to see it.

Simple black and white stripes collide through the vertical and horizontal, competing unbridled personality charm. There are changes in neat styles, resulting in a strong visual contrast, classic but there is no lack of new ideas. The new era OL wardrobe can not miss a single product. (The left picture below)

Stripes are one of the most popular elements of the past two seasons. The skirt design uses a short, long and long design to add a modern sense of style. The top fabric feels soft and comfortable, with a lace vest that makes it irresistibly cool. (right picture above)

Tube top dress, excellent display of women's sexy collarbone, the overall design of simple lines, the classic black and white soft knit, join the slim high waist slim design, in the stretch of the leg line at the same time show feminine elegance of the temperament. (above left)

Three-piece dress, high temperature uniform pleats, with a stylish three-dimensional. The elastic design of the waist section is light and romantic, and it brings the beauty of women's waistlines to the extreme. With a stripe bottom skirt fashionable girly witty, very young age. (above)

The simple and smooth lines of the blouse are full of gas. The fabric uses wool-containing loops and crisp dive fabrics. The collar-leather design greatly enhances the sense of value. Stripe pants modern full, waist twill design is smart and stylish, demonstrating a capable fashion style. (right picture above)

Stay tuned with ELLE Women's latest trends and credits and enjoy the glamorous life of noble women.

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