First China International One-stop Pregnancy and Baby Business Development and Retail Business Innovation Forum (NME) ended

Pregnancy baby industry as a sunrise industry in the 21st century, as well as important industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the development of great potential and broad prospects. Since the beginning of the new century, the development of China's pregnant baby industry has made remarkable achievements and has become the second largest consumer of baby products in the world after the United States. However, with the favorable market and the challenges in parallel, the international brand giants have successively seized the market of Chinese pregnant baby and more and more international brands have poured into the Chinese market. China's pregnant and infant enterprises are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. The policy of opening up a second child alone and the continuous improvement of the quality of life of Chinese families have infused good and powerful news into the development of China's pregnant and infant industries. A new round of upsurge in the development of pregnant baby industries has come. It is foreseeable that the most Potential and growth potential of the baby industry will be the focus of the market. Co-sponsored by China National Garment Association, China Toys & Baby Products Association, China Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Brand Federation, China Pregnant Baby Industry Association, China Nursing Association and China Association of Designers' Children's Wear Development Center, Group, Dongguan City, 100 satisfied Granville Industrial Co., Ltd., WISEMI-Weissmith Business School hosted the "first China International One-stop Pregnancy and Baby Industry Development and Retail Business Innovation Forum (NME)" on April 19, 2014 In the "China's children's clothing manufacturing town - Chashan Town," Fangzhong Holiday Hotel was held! The forum was held on the theme of "Patterns and Innovation: Building One-stop Pregnancy Development and Retail Business Innovation as a Steady Breakthrough and Winning the Future". The conference held "Pregnancy and Toddler Health Development and Industrial Upgrading Report", "Pregnancy Baby Brand Sustainable Core Competitiveness, "" How to Develop Pregnancy Baby Industry with Internet Thinking ", and" Discussion on the Format and Market Model of One-stop Pregnancy for Baby Fashion Stores ", the annual meeting of the forum is divided into keynote speeches Report and peak dialogue in two parts. Through this platform, this forum aims to provide opportunities for the dialogue of pregnant and infant industries, analyze the key issues in the industry, promote the sharing of business communication and management experience, provide opportunities for the development and integration of pregnant baby industries, promote the industrial upgrading of pregnant children, To achieve the "value of creating" ideal. The leaders and guests attending this forum are as follows:

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