Interview how to wear only decent girls interview what to wear better

Soon to the job season again, the first impression when the interview is very important, though not strictly required in the dress, but also tens of thousands of random, then, how dress was decent? What to wear when girls interview?

Figure: colorful butterfly 2014 new clothes

Suit has always given a rigorous, steady feeling, but if only to the traditional suit appears likely to cause depression, but coincides with the summer, should be cool and clean, Houndstooth pattern short-sleeved suit, bee Waist version of the jacket with lace lace shorts, light but not pick, is a good choice.

面试怎么穿才得体 女生面试的时候穿什么比较好

Figure: colorful butterfly 2014 new clothes

Dress most able to show a woman's elegance, but also many people will consider the dress, if you want to interview the atmosphere more relaxed and active, you can choose color jump clothing, such as this yellow wave point dress that can show you the good Youth and vitality.

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