Interview with Guests of China Youth Growth Summit Wealth Forum

Interview Guests: Ms. Yan store Address: Haining City, Zhejiang The interview allows you to experience: 1. Blue Ocean market, where the clothing industry, why entrepreneurs choose to work with OFFSIDE juvenile? 2. Learn entrepreneur hand OFFSIDE juvenile equipment business experience! An increasing number of women in the new era, can be gentle and tender city of the people, it can not be strong business start-ups. In OFFSIDE juvenile wear many business partners, there are too many businesswomen figure, Ms. Yan, Haining City, Zhejiang Province is one of them. With keen insight and super perseverance, she ranks among the vanguard of pioneering! Reporter: Hello! Thank you, Ms. Yan in the busy schedule to participate in the Fortune Summit in Guangzhou! Congratulations, you also won the grand prize of this forum. You can simply describe the mood and gain now under it! Ms. Yan: Hello. First of all, thank OFFSIDE juvenile wear this event, so that my trip to Guangzhou harvest quite good. The Fortune Summit grand occasion so I am shocked! Invited so many heavyweight guests let me experience OFFSIDE juvenile equipment installed in the industry's strength and influence, after listening to Master Zheng marketing master class, I realized that sales can be so simple and efficient. OFFSIDE Juvenile Chairman Chung-sheng vision gives me great respect for this year's OFFSIDE juvenile equipment implementation of a comprehensive human resources strategy, the addition of more than 40 executives, let me OFFSIDE Jumbo's future also more vision! In this award I am also very happy, leaving a perfect memory for my tour in Guangzhou! Reporter: Can you tell us about your entrepreneurial story in your OFFSIDE costume? Ms Yan: As we all know, Zhejiang has a strong sense of business start-up. As a graduate of University Marketing, I experienced some market exploration after graduation, decisively into the clothing Industry yourself. After some market research, I found that children's wear and adult equipment too much competition. At that time in the process of understanding the garment industry, found the brand OFFSIDE juvenile equipment. OFFSIDE juvenile wear brand development team is very passionate and professional, gave me an analysis of juvenile wear this market conditions and prospects. I am constantly optimistic about the juvenile wear blue ocean market is very optimistic. Comprehensive analysis, I firmly chose OFFSIDE juvenile equipment. OFFSIDE Junior equipment team is also very professional and awesome, from the shop location, clothing matching, opening support and event planning, etc. one-stop nanny service, so I am very touched by the new clothing industry. The OFFSIDE juvenile suits have also been loved by parents of children, blowing a teenager in Haining City, the installation of the wind. Reporter: OFFSIDE offside as installed equipment, the old customers, to share your entrepreneurial experience and experience it? Ms Yan: Teenager installed such a good market, OFFSIDE juvenile wear such a good team and services, but also make my career more The bigger you do. Over the past three years through hard work, the store is also a constant healthy development, and now I have owned more than 100 square meters of the brand flagship store! Thanks OFFSIDE offside youth clothing given to the business platform, let me harvest the joy of a successful businessman and achievement. Reporter: Thank you very much for your sharing! I wish you business is booming, family happiness, everything goes! Thank you!

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