"Disney" children's clothing 2014 autumn and winter orders will be grand

The spring breeze of March blossomed the beautiful seaside city of Shantou, blue sky, clear sea water, accompanied by laughter, March 21 to 24, Shenzhen Dong Jiehang Trading Co., Ltd. "Disney" children's clothing 2014 autumn and winter orders Will be known as "natural oxygen village" reputation of Shantou CITIC Resort was held, the majority of customer dealers gathered together to spend a wonderful autumn and winter children's fashion feast. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Dongjiehang has been keeping a close eye on the international fashion information of children's wear. From time to time, it observes the fashion trend of children's wear in Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries. Combining with the fashion design trends of the current international children's wear, it designs and develops its own products to make it unique brand style At the same time both a variety of excellent design elements to ensure that the product's fashion trend and rich and varied, Disney's children's wear brands to meet different consumer needs. The orders will be introduced in the fall and winter of new products into the Korean fashion design elements than ever before, the choice of fabrics is more abundant, an increase of fur, beads, leather, cut plush, pearl skin and other fashion materials, and direct contact The inner lining of the skin still insist on the use of natural and healthy cotton fabrics, care of children's delicate skin from harm; bold and innovative design concept, based on the Korean version of the design based on some of the details of Europe and the United States popular design elements to create more A wide range of popular styles to cater for different consumer needs. The 14 new autumn and winter is divided into two theme series, fantasy fashion and sports and leisure series. Dreamy fashion series with sweet and lovely style pink girl-based, sports and leisure series are based on handsome and energetic boy recreation. Professional Korean design team focused on creating Korean fashion children's clothing, combined with the characteristics of European and American children's wear design style, for the Chinese children's dress characteristics and regional cultural differences to optimize the integration, leading the development of children's clothing 2014 fashion, the perfect interpretation Disney Fashion unique taste. Customers walked into the venue after the red carpet laid outside the venue, General Manager Cai and the company's marketing team elite warmly welcome guests from all walks of life, greetings and greetings, guide the attendants attendance, into the exhibition hall. In order to create a comfortable and harmonious ordering atmosphere, the company organized marketing, network technology, planning and other departmental colleagues to participate in the venue layout activities, the container display, site lighting, display models and other props have been carefully debug design, tightly around the Ordering children's wear theme series on-site exhibition, invited foreign designers to participate in on-site clothing showcases, creating a great appreciation of beauty. Colorful lighting and clothing phase phase contrast, the two major product themes - the interaction of sweet and sports shine, Disney children's clothing will be the perfect taste of chic, so that customers feel Disney Disney distribution of the beauty and shock. Our staff has been with customers around to explain new products for our customers series, the main push models, fabric composition, washing and maintenance methods and size specifications and related incentives. In order to improve the efficiency of ordering the election, the company specifically for the order will be prepared more than one tablet, carefully using a set of professional order system, and the company staff to conduct a comprehensive training, when customers choose the style, our colleagues Help to enter the product number on the side. The strong atmosphere of the on-site ordering, perfect product display, professional consulting services won the praise of customers, meanwhile, exchanges and discussions with customers and friends also made me gain a great deal. Shenzhen Dong Jie Trading Co., Ltd. as one of the largest and most influential children's wear enterprises in China, attaches great importance to product development, with a strong international children's clothing design and marketing professional team and network technology team, always insight into the international epidemic Fashion elements, independent design and development of products to ensure that the product's fashion trend, rich and varied, Disney's children's wear brands to meet different consumer needs. Has been adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, professional, focused" spirit of enterprise for our customers to showcase the current trendy, fashionable, well-designed, high-quality, stylish and casual Disney's latest children's clothing, with a sincere attitude to answer our customers questions. Since its establishment in 2011, its children's clothing brand has won the 2012 annual children's clothing network festival "I am most satisfied with the top ten children's clothing brand", 2013 China Apparel Network Festival "2013 most investment value of overseas brands" and other honors every year in the country Grand Hotel throughout the grand spring and summer held, autumn and winter clothing orders, the previous orders have achieved satisfactory results, the successful signing of a number of franchisees across the country, three years, more than 200 franchise stores have been all over the country provinces and cities. Three years, Disney children's wear has always been to provide children with healthy, comfortable, beautiful children's clothing concept, step by step, practical development. Looking forward to the future development, Disney children's clothing will continue to make great stride forward the trend of development, continuously improve product quality, improve product structure, create product personality, enhance brand competitiveness, and constantly achieve a qualitative leap. Successful event, the exquisite Disney children's clothing brand to bring stunning customers, but also wonderful 2014 autumn and winter children's clothing presents a fashion trend. The success of this fair will lay a solid foundation for Disney children's wear in the domestic market. It is not only the recognition of popular, fashionable and rich Disney products, but also the recognition of Shenzhen Dongjiexing Trading Co., Ltd. An order will be a gathering, but also an exchange of experience, but also enhance the actual combat capability. Let's look forward to the next meeting!

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