Apparel companies must develop marketing strategies

Apparel companies must develop marketing strategies With the rapid development of China's network information technology and the popularity of smart clients, in recent years, 3G mobile Internet has been booming, which has brought new opportunities to the apparel industry. It has settled in the mobile Internet and launched a new app marketing strategy, which has gradually become an innovation in the apparel industry. The main way to the new profit model.

With the increase of the consumption level of urban residents in China, the demand for clothing in the domestic market is also increasing. The quality requirements are also getting higher and higher, and the apparel industry continues to maintain a rapid development trend. However, the emergence of the mobile Internet has changed people's lifestyles and consumption patterns. Consumers no longer rely on offline physical stores to buy clothing. Fast, convenient and low-cost online shopping has become the main method for people to buy clothing. It is under such a big premise that the number of consumers in the offline market of the apparel industry is rapidly decreasing, and at the same time, the number of online consumers based on the mobile Internet is constantly increasing, which means that the online clothing market is even broader. Anyone who first settled into the mobile Internet can seize the opportunity.

As the first batch of apparel enterprise portal websites that have settled in the mobile internet, China Fashion Online is a model for domestic apparel companies to use mobile internet to create a new profit model. Through the application of the app client, China Apparel Online will deliver comprehensive and systematic clothing information from home and abroad to the vast number of consumers, which not only greatly enhances the popularity, but also helps the company to obtain higher-than-only lines due to the large number of online consumer groups. Several times of the profits of the market under the economy, but also led to the apparel company offline store traffic and sales growth, to achieve the linkage development of the offline line.

According to Liu Ye, a senior expert in the domestic garment industry for many years and also the chairman of Jiangsu Yufeng Garment Co., Ltd., for the apparel industry, the biggest advantage of the mobile Internet is close to the consumer groups, and the smart client users are mostly The young group, therefore, promotes the development of the garment industry and the mobile Internet, satisfies the demand of the consumer groups for information acquisition of fashion clothes, and can help garment companies quickly gather customer groups, achieve sales growth, and thus gain profits.

Liu Hao pointed out that in today's highly informatized, the development of the apparel industry can no longer rely solely on offline physical store occupation of the market, with the transfer of consumer groups, joint mobile Internet launch app marketing strategy is the development of the garment industry Future trends. Therefore, modern apparel companies should fully recognize the significant role of mobile Internet in the development of the apparel industry and strengthen cooperation with the mobile Internet.

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