Jay Chou "Magic Sky" Global Concert Del benefits whole scene to create gorgeous

From "JAY", "Fantacy", "Octave Space" to "Ye Hui Mei", "Seven Mile", "Chopin in November", "Still Fantacy" to "I am Busy" Jay Chou "to the long-awaited" cross-era "to the latest work," Twelve New Works ", you are not like me, is Jerry love fans, after a dozen years, still in love with Jay. June 29, Wuhan concert, million people gathered on the scene, only for this agreement, we are on the road: on my way. Del Hui is the sponsor of this concert. Like the advertising slogan on my way, everyone enjoys their journey of growth on the road. It is an on my way journey of faith, perseverance, perfection, loyalty to self and surpassing dreams. Since 2003, Delvi has pioneered the entertainment marketing strategy and took the lead in introducing Taiwanese singer Jay Chou into the mainland of China to successfully renew the contract in 2013, marking the benchmark for long-term cooperation between the brand and the spokesperson. Ten years, Del benefits has always endeavored to support Jay's musical dreams and acting career, and the younger generation like Jay grow together to witness the brand and the spokesman insisted on the truth, insisted on an extraordinary course of dreams, but also with Jay Chou established a long-term deep friendship .

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