Exceptions Summer 2013 "Stroll" brings you a mind-blowing experience

How long did not vent their thoughts, brisk walking? May wish to empty the cup of mind, breathe naturally infuriating. Go or stop by the heart of nature. Rising stars, life has been in a hurry to move, and occasionally, may wish to busy, stroll, stop, accompanied by a pure cotton dress breathe, look inside, the dialogue of nature. Encourage people to take a stroll in the morning and enjoy the graceful and warmth of sunrise and dew. Exceptions Summer 2013 "Walking" series of clothing to A and X-based, design which contains freedom and independence of the concept of self-confidence to explain the image of women. I hope this summer can bring your soul's free experience!


Spring and summer summer vegetation, flourishing spit green, dressed in printed half skirts, walking sunshine water dew, drunken mountain water Mae, interpretation of the natural Qingxin atmosphere.

例外2013夏季“漫步”系列  带给你心灵的自在体验

Herbs hand-painted printing, hand-made coarse needle will be drawn around Joe, such as shuttle in the woods, falling cherry colorful romantic. Long before and after the short design, you can wear both sides, showing a multi-faceted style.

例外2013夏季“漫步”系列  带给你心灵的自在体验

Natural cotton fibers, into the clothes, spit new entrants, fragrance blowing bursts. At this time, may wish to stay away from flashy, subsidence, into the arms of nature.

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