Winman BINMAN full interpretation of modern women's high-grade women's life


Dongguan Tianya Clothing Co., Ltd is a collection of development, production, sales as one of the women 's fashion brand operators. Brands Bin Man BINMAN, is a fashion element to Europe and Korea as the leading apparel brand, the development has been nearly a decade, after the women's fashion trends changing times, witnessed the development of women's fashion, accumulated a wealth of industry Experience, creating a gentle fashion women's clothing style elegant, romantic, personality and sophistication, showing the elegant urban women, exquisite temperament, full interpretation of the modern high-grade female life.

缤蔓BINMAN女装  充分演绎现代女性生活的高品位

Bin Man brand service system, not only located in the terminal sales groups, but now also reflected in the service partners. Internal service system for training, upgrading, with the company's strategic development needs, everything has been prepared. 2011 autumn and winter the latest launch of innovative marketing model, invites strength partners, strong combination to Humen as the starting point, focusing on the radiation of cities in the country, work together to create wealth business trip, sharing brand fruitful.

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