How to cool the rainy season should wear what style to wear more suitable

It is about to enter in July, but the cooling weather brought by the rainy season has left the pro in the south enjoying the last coolness before the high-temperature mode. Many people even dress up in spring and autumn to prevent the body from chilling. So, in the face of sudden cooling, how should we deal with it?

Figure: ik women's 2014 spring and summer models

Set should be the best choice for office workers, but also a must-have style of bed, while the sleeve style shirt can help you better deal with the temperature difference between morning and evening, shorts are also sought after the summer clothing style, Geometric, printing, hit color, although some dazzling, but it can highlight the different fashion charm.

梅雨季节降温应该怎么穿 降温天穿什么款式更适合

Figure: ik women's 2014 spring and summer models

Want to keep the body at the right temperature, but also make others seem very hot, the choice of fabric is particularly important. So choose the white coat of the Austrian yarn with a retro print A-short skirt, make your dress more natural.

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