Teach you four tips for picking lights

The rattan-made lamp is made of rattan. It is a desire to be close to nature, escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and create a quiet home at home to get in touch with nature. In the simple and natural atmosphere created by it, people can't help but recall the simple and leisurely life pieces, and naturally indulge in the vines, rattan, rattan, rattan and rattan. In addition, the rattan lighting itself is a craft art, good-looking and fun, coupled with the light and sifting of it, will create a very special atmosphere for the living room.

The use of iron for iron decoration for home decoration has been a long time in Europe, but it seems not so popular in China. Until this year, the popularity of the country style has made the wrought iron lamp that existed only for a small amount of individualized needs become the new darling of the lighting market. Designers do their best to decorate, not letting go of any possibility, so there are many grotesque wrought iron lights in the market, which makes many fashion people marvel. In fact, it is not necessary to compare these wrought iron lamps to be truly beautiful, as long as it is a popular, a fashion that everyone is catching up is enough, after all, fashion is constantly changing.

Crystal light crystal lamps have always been glamorous, sparkling luster, exquisite and attractive curves, crystal clear body showing people, all show the luxury of the 18th century European court nobles. The world's first crystal glass chandelier was born in France, which enjoys the reputation of “romantic capital”. Perhaps it is the gorgeous and extravagant in the crystal lamp bones, it has always been the first choice for the lighting of villa luxury. Nowadays, the design of the crystal lamp has boldly broken through the inherent brilliance and exquisiteness, and it is more varied and versatile in the shape, more colorful and splendid in color, and more diversified in function.

The crystal lamp is exquisite and elegant, with dazzling and shimmering luster, which creates its extraordinary temperament. Whether it is the main light of the living room or the decorative light, it shows the extraordinary style. If you use a crystal lamp to make the main light source in the room, you need to configure some auxiliary lights to set off its charming and charming. In order for the crystal lamp to take full advantage of its refractive effect, it is best to choose a normal transparent glass bulb instead of a matte or colored bulb.

The principle of selecting lamps is convenient and safe. When selecting the ceiling light, it is necessary to consider the convenience of changing the light bulb. After all, it is very common for the light bulb to be broken. If the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. However, it is necessary to clarify the caliber of the cap screw, because some non-standard calibers cannot use energy-saving bulbs.

In addition, the water vapor in the kitchen and bathroom is large and humid, so it is necessary to consider the waterproof problem of the lamp when purchasing.

The principle of selecting lamps is simple and exquisite. The palace-style carved chandeliers are delicate and exquisitely carved; in modern style, seven or eight lotus flowers are arranged in a row, the size is orderly, the petals are realistic... but the complexity is complicated and the complicated shape is for the area. A small room will have a feeling of overwhelming and oppressive. In addition, the northern air is dry, dusty, and complicated lamps can be troublesome to clean. Modern people admire simplicity, lamps are the same, simple is not equal to simple, simple style is often more contemporary, coupled with a strong metallic color, is the real finishing touch.

The principle of selecting lamps and harmonizing and harmonizing lamps is a supplement to the design of the whole room. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate in the style to cope with each other. Many people like to decorate in the aisle or living room with wrought iron products, such as wrought iron flower rods on the glass door, wrought iron clocks on the wall, and wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if equipped with a chandelier with a piece of iron pipe material The effect will be very good; and the room with golden handles and golden spotlights, the golden decorative lights can also match. In short, the style, color and style of different functional lamps in the same room are best unified.

Choosing the luminaire principle Four effects and mood lighting are the most direct functions of the lamp, but there is still a lot of knowledge in order to make the lighting perfectly reflect our daily life. Table lamps, different choices, and the resulting projections and moods will change a lot. Sheepskin lampshade and Japanese paper lampshade, the texture is light and transparent, the light is soft and elegant; the lampshade combined with the combination of mahogany and rosin can turn the light into yellowish, match the mahogany furniture, antique, and become a unique decoration. Supplements and foils for objects and furnishings; those ancient Roman-style metal lamps are themselves miniature sculptures, artistically temperamental.

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